Last Wet Maya Scenes

Desperate to pee on her bicycle (27 April 2016)

Maya took a trip with her bicycle, but riding her saddle makes her want to pee. She get's off her bike and tries to pee real hard right there next to her bike. WM27

Working on her computer makes Maya pee right there in her office / bedroom. (26 April 2016)

Maya comes out of the shower and she wants to work on her computer her homework for college. But she feels her bladder bulge and she decides to pee right there in her office / bedroom. WM26

Standing over the toilet and peeing in it open legs. (25 April 2016)

Maya climbs over the toilet and pee in it with her legs open and completely nude. Than she takes a shower tight there next to the toilet. WM25

Pissing in the backyard on a cold day, and leaving on her bike (24 April 2016)

Sexy Maya wants to go for a ride on her new bike, but she feels the need to empty herself. She just goes to her back yard and pees in the grass next to her wall, and then climbs on her bike and go. WM24

Pissing in grass on the side of the road (23 April 2016)

Sometimes Maya can't held her pee, so she just goes to the side of the road and piss herself in the grass, regardless if someone sees her or not. WM23

Sexy girl eats desert and then pee in the cup. (22 April 2016)

Maya just came from a party. She is happy, dizzy, but she loves sweets. She eats desert, and then she feels the need to pee right there, and she pees in the cup. WM22

Pissing in a ditch on the side of the road (18 April 2016)

Maya is so desperate to pee  that she went into a ditch on a side of the road and she is peeing right there, although the cars passing by can see her. WM21

Menstrual pee, open legs, on top of a table. (17 April 2016)

Maya is on period. She feels weird, but she really loves to open her legs wide and pee all over the kitchen floor. Since she is at period, her pee is more intense, and she can't help to wet the floor all over. Since she is dressed in a short dress and no panties, it's very easy to climb on the kitchen table and pee all over. Her boyfriend doesn't know what she does when she is all alone at home, and she feels wonderful about it. WM20

Maya is peeing in her favorite ballet shoes (15 April 2016)

Maya just got home from her ballet lesson, she is dressed in a long skirt, and she loves to punish her favorite ballet shoes by pissing in them. They have been naughty. WM19

Changing tampon and pee, replacing with new tampon. (14 April 2016)

MAYA has kept her menstrual tampon for a long time. She comes back home from college, and she has to change her internal tampon, but she feels the pressure to pee. She pees right there on the floor, huge volume pee, open legs. After she plays a little with the used tampon, she replaces it with a new tampon, and go around to her business. WM18

Morning pee (13 April 2016)

MAYA just woke up, she is still wearing her pink pijama. She made a huge coffee to wake up on her yard chair. She has the coffee and this instantly makes her pee. So she goes to pee right there on the stairs. WM17

Peeing in the trough (12 April 2016)

MAYA just took a relaxing bath, and now she feels the need to pee in the trough. She stands up and pee standing in the trough, a huge volume of pee. WM16

Peeing on some old tires in the yard (10 April 2016)

Maya is relaxing outdoor in her yard. She watches carefully to see if somebody sees her, and when the time is right, she takes a pee from behind on some old tires right there. WM15 

Wetting her shorts after masturbation (09 April 2016)

Maya loves to masturbate in the morning, so, as she is playing with her pussy, she feels the need to release herself and she releases jets of pee, wetting her shorts. WM14

Desperate to pee in the morning (09 April 2016)

Maya just woke up, and she is desperate to pee. She plays with her pussy, but the golden liquid doesn't want to come out. WD13