Last Wet Maya Scenes

Anal masturbation and pissing on the floor. (29 July 2016)

Maya relaxes on the floor, she has a full glass, then she enjoys a small dildo deep in her ass to help her relax, and then she open her legs wide and pisses huge volume right there on the wooden floor. WM42

Pissing on period (14 July 2016)

Maya is on period, and in her room is so hot. She wears only her panties. She changes her internal tampon and places it in a glass of whater, making a something like a "bloody maya" cocktail. Since it's very hot in her room, she has to take a lot of juice, and this makes her want to piss. She open her legs and pee a lot with a jet right there on the floor, standing. WM41

Pissing a huge volume in her garden (07 July 2016)

Maya is checking her plants in her vegetable garden in her back yard. Tomatoes are not grown yet, but it's so hot and her bladder is so full that she decides to wet the ground for her vegetables. She rises her skirt, and she takes off her panties. She opens her legs a little bit and releases her bladder peeing a lot. Her vegetables will grow big and will taste good. WM40

Peeing from her chair (14 June 2016)

Maya relaxes a little bit in her yard. She wears a blue dress, she opens her legs wide and pull her panties aside, and piss right there in the yard splashing it on the cement. WM39

Enjoying a sip of whiskey and pissing herself. (11 June 2016)

Maya is having a little bit of juice left over from her boyfriend. She quickly feels her bladder full and piss herself. She feels that she loves the warm feeling in her jeans. Then she takes them out and cleans the floor with them. After that she takes out her panties and leaves. WM38

Pissing on old tires, scared to be cought by a neighbor (20 May 2016)

Maya can't use the toilet in her home. It is broken again. She has to go outside, in the back of the yard, and she has to have a quick pee on a bunch of old tires. She is so scared her neighbor will catch her. WM37

Squatting and pissing in the grass (18 May 2016)

Maya has to take long walks trough nature to get home from school. She loves to empty her bladder squatting and pissing a lot. WM36

Squat (10 May 2016)

Maya is taking a quick pee, squat on a puddle of rain water. WM35

Girl's don't pee in a bottle. (09 May 2016)

At least in normal circumstances. But when Maya got's locked in her room by an accident, she has to improvise. So, she thinks what can she do. She finds an empty bottle and she pee in it. She just can't hold it any more and she is so happy that she could empty her bladder in that empty bottle. WM34

Changing tampon, and peeing on it in a glass. (08 May 2016)

Maya is at period again. She hates her internal tampons. They make her tummy bulge, and when she goes outside, she cannot change it and pee, so her bladder gets really full. She stands on the floor to change her tampon and she puts it in a glass and piss on it spilling a lot of pee on the floor. WM33

Jogging and pissing standing squat. (07 May 2016)

Maya loves to exercise. She loves to take long running trips in nature. She likes jogging for two hours every day. When she goes out for jogging she always takes a bottle of water with her. After she has it, she often must pee in nature. This time her bladder is full since she forgot to pee before leaving to run. She piss a lot in squat position. It is almost as she never stops peeing. Very long piss, and huge volume. WM32.

Pissed off because of her boyfriend is late (06 May 2016)

Maya is waiting for her boyfriend at his house, and she is pissed off because he is late. She has been waiting form him more than two hours ! She has coffee after coffee and this makes her want to pee a lot. To punish him, she pees on his chair, and on his floor, and then she leaves without cleaning. He is punished, and he shall not be late any more ! WM31

Eating from a plate and then filling it with hot pee. (05 May 2016)

Maya is so bored, she watches tv, then she eats from a plate standing on the floor, and then, why not ? , she pees and fills the plate with her hot pee. WM30

Peeing in a dress and getting to sleep happy and relaxed. (29 April 2016)

Maya is so desperate to pee before she goes to sleep. She feels her bladder bulging and she needs to release herself before going to sleep. She tries hard and harder, and finally she pees right there on the floor. After she empties herself she goes to sleep happy. WM29

Peeing on her bicycle (28 April 2016)

Maya has taken her bicycle out for a ride around her village ans she feels the need to pee. She stands on her bike and she pees right there standing. WM28